Fashion designer

Giulia Mars is a fashion brand of accessories and clothes which the main vector is a smartphone pouch named bang bag.


She bathes in the art and fashion since her childhood with a mother very creative. First artist painter She drew on her artistic experiences to develop her project

In 2011, she’s approaching a decisive turning point in her career as an artist , rich of all her experiences and thanks to a call to candidacy of ELLE fashion magazine , she decides to create her own brand. She designs the "bang bag” to solve her problems of carrying an iPod and due to this micro bag, She reaches the final of ELLE BUSINESS AWARDS and is among the ten winners. The bang bag also allows her to obtain a pre-activity bursary granted by the A.S.E. (Economic Stimulus Agency) This grant rewards only projects wich are realistic and "originals" in the "unpublished" sense.


Giulia Mars
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The bang bag,

The bang bag is a top-of-the-range bag for smartphone to both women and men which the shape and the wearing are inspired by the holsters for gun. It is therefore worn under the armpit or at the waist with a shoulder strap and a removable (optional) belt around the waist. This position makes it possible to put on, jacket, coat, sweater without preventing an easy access to it. It offers a perfect freedom of movement and facilitates the use of other luggage or handbags during trips or route of any kind. When listening to music, its position allows you to never be bothered by the headphone cable. It is easy to wear under a garment but it can also be highlighted because it is a fashion accessory designed to be practical and discreet while being stylish and fun. Stop with the bulky bags when attending a concert, a festival or going out in a discothec, with the bang bag we carry the essential (bank card, keys, makeup, phone) safely with style and comfort since its use leaves the hands free and an intact appearances. It is very useful in situations where the smartphone is indispensable. It becomes essential during activities that require an intense freedom of movement. The bang bag is definitely the object of all situations.

Model: Céline Scholinckx